Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is daily.

  • swimming in a natural environment, not in a pool
  • Children over 100 cm tall only!
  • An unforgettable adventure in communicating with the inhabitants of the ocean.
  • Possibility to swim with dolphins, play with seals or snorkel with sharks!!
  • And all this on a specially built platform in the middle of the ocean.


Swimming with dolphins

The richest program of swimming with dolphins. Fun and swimming with a dolphin in its natural environment. During the 60-minute adventure, you will be able to hug, stroke, kiss and play with the dolphin. In addition, it is also designed for swimming in different positions, e.g. holding the fins or the back.
Each participant will swim with two dolphins at the same time.
Thanks to this, you can perform an amazing swimming acrobatics on two dolphins while standing on their beaks!
Swimming time with dolphins 60 minutes, maximum group of 10 people.

An unforgettable adventure in communicating with the inhabitants of the ocean.

Swimming with dolphins

Practical information:

Photos of swimming with dolphins can only be obtained by purchasing on-site at the dolphinarium. It is not possible to take pictures of them with your own camera (the price of the DVD package is about 60-80 USD/person)
please take the voucher (proof of payment – phone version is acceptable)
entrance to the park without swimming with dolphins – USD 35/person
we will pick you up at the reception on the way and take you back to the reception after the journey
All participants are wearing life jackets. Despite this, a dolphinarium employee can refuse to use the highest LUX program if he sees that the participant may have problems moving in the water (complete lack of swimming skills, panic, etc.). In this case, you can use lower programs.
Children over 100 cm tall only!